Jaguar Products Pty (Ltd) – New Style Fibreglass Rain Water Tanks

Most homes to be built or existing in Cape Town / South Africa should be installing a rainwater storage system for rainwater harvesting, as the SA climate has changed and the long term forecasts are that the region will get less rain in the years ahead.
With smaller homes we saw the need for a more aesthetically pleasing rainwater harvesting storage tank to be designed that is more space effective compared to the bulky, unsightly plastic tanks currently available on the market.
After researching the various rainwater tanks on the South African market, we came to the conclusion that a slimmer  tank was required, and the obvious solution was to design a water tank that looked similar to the facade of your home.

This is what led to our first 1000 litre tank, with dimensions of 1.6m (H) x 1m (L) x 0.77m (W).

We are in the process of designing and manufacturing even thinner tanks that can be positioned up against the house so as to give space to move in narrow areas. With the current water restrictions harvesting rainwater in Cape Town should be a priority for all homeowners, in order to conserve our dwindling water resources.
Our rain water harvesting tanks come in various colours (darker colours cost more) and can also be coated with a cementitious coating that allows you to paint the tank the same colour as your house.


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